Their Purple Moment is a 1928 short silent film starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy as dishonest husbands who hold out some of their wages from their wives in order to spend a night out on the town. However, their plans go wrong when Stan's wife finds his hiding place and replaces his money with worthless coupons.


Mr. Pincher (Stan Laurel) has been holding out a small amount of his wages from his wife, with the intention of hiding it, and saving up to enjoy a night on the town with Oliver Hardy, who has done similar, only that his hiding place has been found out. Stan shows off his hiding place (concealed within a painting), unaware that his wife has been watching the whole time. As soon as the boys leave, Mrs. Pincher (Fay Holderness) removes the money from Stan's wallet, and replaces it with worthless cigar coupons, and returns the wallet. The boys ask their wives' permission to go bowling. They are slightly surprised by their (somewhat enthusiastic) approval, but nevertheless, Stan retrieves his (now worthless) wallet, and the boys proceed into town. Outside their house, two girls walk past, and are promptly followed by Stan and Ollie. Unluckily, they meet ''the Gossip'' (Patsy O'Byrne), who is immediately suspicious. Stan and Ollie quickly turn and walk in the opposite direction.